IIoT / Control Systems

Blog: The journey toward a digital power plant

By Turbomachinery International

Jan 16, 2017

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The concept of the digital plant starts with data, most of which has always been there but often underutilized. For years, companies have been offering “Big Data” analytics and diagnostics to provide added value based on software and data science expertise and experience.

Targeted integration of data-based capabilities with deep power plant system knowledge and fleet-wide experience has led to new proactive operating and maintenance strategies tailored to individual plants.

For example, today’s advanced pattern recognition technologies (APR), coupled with real-time communications and expert knowledge create fleet-wide knowledge bases of normal and abnormal system behavior under a wide range of conditions, providing advancements in knowledge and predictive analytics capabilities. Combining those with the “Voice of the Customer” (VOC) through significant involvement of all levels of the power plant’s O&M personnel assures cost-effective implementation of elements of the digital power plant for each specific plant.

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