Apple and GE partner to make Predix analytics software iOS-accessible

By Megan Geuss, for Ars Technica

Oct 19, 2017

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GE and Apple announced a partnership that will pave the way for putting utility analytics software Predix on iOS devices. The Predix software development kit will allow 77 utilities that work with GE to manage turbines, condensers, boiler feed pumps, and more from iPads and iPhones.

That, GE says, will ensure “that real-time data is captured and shared with field workers and remote operations using iOS devices.”

As part of the program, GE has agreed to standardize iPhones and iPads as the primary work devices for its 330,000 employees. The industrial machinery company will also make Macs available to employees who prefer them, according to Reuters.

Predix software takes data from sensors embedded in all kinds of industrial equipment used in the energy industry and uses that data to predict maintenance downtime more efficiently. This isn’t a novel idea—power plant and utility operations generally require some form of diagnostic system to avoid the kinds of catastrophic failures that cause, at best, money to be lost and, at worst, power outages to customers. Some equipment managers have home-grown systems tailored specifically to the machinery configuration that exists at their power plant. And other big companies like Siemens offer third-party diagnostic tools like GE.

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