Analysis: What new metrics for IoT are emerging in the product development process?

Source: http://machinedesign.com/contributing-technical-experts/metrics-iot-product-development-process

By Bradford Goldense, for Machine Design

Jan 10, 2017

At least once every decade, advancements and stronger competition have necessitated the addition of measures to both drive and monitor progress. The advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and IoT will be no different.

Here is an idea of some of the types of metrics you might expect inside your company in the years ahead.

  • In the areas of product architecture and modularity, expect metrics that rate product designs on their sensor-readiness, ability to receive and adjust to signals during manufacture and then in customer settings, and ability to generate data of customer value.
  • In the areas of product planning and definition, expect metrics that assess the strength of the product to fit with the data gathering/producing/monitoring infrastructure of the differing markets and customer environments.
  • In the areas of product design and development, expect metrics that assess the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of sensors in the product, along with new reliability measures for up-time and data error rates.

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