Advanced Technology Services, Inc. acquires Innovative Technology Solutions, LLC

By ATS news release

Dec 20, 2017

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Advanced Technology Services, Inc. (ATS), a leading global manufacturing services and IT solutions provider, announced that it has acquired Innovative Technology Solutions, LLC (ITS), an IT managed services and technology consulting company. The two companies will continue to operate independently with their current workforces and brands, but the acquisition creates new opportunities for both.

Since its inception, Innovative Technology Solutions has focused on helping IT management organizations improve operations and financial performance via strategic consulting and technology tools. The ITS service offering is aligned with ATS’ IT managed services solution. The acquisition complements and extends the existing portfolio of services for both companies. ATS customers will benefit from the expanded expertise of the ITS technical support team, and the infusion of new resources resulting in IT managed services that work together to improve IT infrastructure.

For ITS, the acquisition expands service capabilities and decreases overhead costs, opening new opportunities to apply proven best practices to reduce expenses and consistently deliver top-quality services. Backed by ATS, ITS can now offer an enhanced service portfolio to its diverse customer base and take advantage of accelerated growth opportunities. ITS’ existing managed services portfolio complements ATS’ offerings, resulting in an increased IT infrastructure ROI for their respective customers.

“The acquisition is a perfect fit for both companies,” said Advanced Technology Services CEO, Jeff Owens. “There’s growing demand for managed IT services, so strengthening our capabilities in these areas elevates the ATS value proposition. ITS will benefit from increased global exposure, a strong corporate infrastructure and an expanded portfolio of services. But the most exciting aspect is that by working together, we’ll provide comprehensive IT consulting and managed services that are unmatched in the marketplace.”

The ATS team, which includes over 400 highly proficient IT employees located in the U.S., U.K. and Mexico, will continue to serve customers as they have for over thirty years. The ITS workforce, located primarily in New York, New Jersey and Florida, will likewise continue providing exceptional service and support under the ITS brand. Plans are to leverage supply chain and partner network advantages to improve operations and enhance customer service.