Changing Workforce / Industrial Robotics

ABB's Atiya: Industrial robots will add jobs, not take them away

By Tech Crunch

Jul 31, 2017

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In an interview at the TechCrunch Robotics Session held on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA, Sami Atiya, president of ABB’s Robotics and Motion division, said he believes bringing robots into the manufacturing process actually adds jobs instead of killing them.

Atiya claims that conventional wisdom is wrong when it comes to robots and jobs. “If you look at pure data and statistics,” he said, “in the countries that have the highest rates of robots per employees, which is Japan and Germany, they have about 300 robots per 10,000 employees, and they have the least unemployment…in the manufacturing sector.”

Atiya said one of the reasons companies are moving to robots is they simply can’t compete without them. “If you look at this from a macro-[economic] perspective, skilled labor is becoming [more scarce], and it’s not a question [whether] you want to do it or not. You have to do it to stay competitive as a nation, and also as a company,” he said.

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