3D Printing / Career Development

3D-printing technology is game-changer for recruiting future engineers

By Dee De Pass, for Star Tribune

Apr 10, 2017

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Stratasys Ltd. employees ran a marathon of sorts this week as they dashed to dozens of Twin Cities schools to introduce 3,500 students to the wonderment of 3-D printing.

The effort was the company’s first large-scale effort to instantly reach out to thousands of students about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). "So many kids and teachers and principals are intrigued about 3-D printing because they see it on TV, but a lot of times they don’t get to engage with it. This changes that,” said Jesse Roitenberg, Stratasys national education manager. “3-D printing makes sense to people when they can touch and feel and hold it. That’s why Stratasys decided to accelerate its educational outreach this week.”

About 80 employees helped with the effort that reached 31 schools. Each volunteer had an educational kit, videos and some fun 3-D printed products to introduce kids to the technology and what a career in manufacturing and engineering could look like.

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