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White House expands TechHire initiative

By Conner Forrest, for TechRepublic

Mar 10, 2016

On Wednesday, the White House announced the addition of 15 new communities to its TechHire initiative, bringing the total number of communities up to 50.

TechHire initially launched in 21 communities across the United States, with the goal of getting more Americans trained for jobs in IT. The initiative is focused on changing recruitment practices, encouraging partnerships with private sector leaders, and expanding education in the space—including four-year degrees and nontraditional education such as coding camps.

The TechHire initiative was first announced one year ago to the day; and in June 2015, at the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the President set a goal to double the number of communities involved to more than 40, which has been surpassed with this announcement.

Additionally, the Department of Labor put up $100 million in order to "support innovative approaches to training and successfully employing low-skill individuals with barriers to training and employment including those with child care responsibilities, people with disabilities, disconnected youth, and limited English proficient workers, among others."

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