Video: Students tour companies for Manufacturing Day

By news report

Oct 12, 2016

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It’s estimated that by 2020, more than three and a half million manufacturing jobs will be left unfilled and that’s a number companies would like to shrink by teaching kids about the opportunities for careers.

More than four hundred high school students from across Illinois and Wisconsin got a chance to experience careers in manufacturing. Thermo Fischer Scientific is one of several companies to open their doors to students to give them a tour and show them options in the field as a part of Manufacturing Day. Many of the kids who went on plant tours Tuesday are already enrolled in engineering and manufacturing classes, giving them a head start for a future career.

"They're all very thoughtful with their questions they ask questions with intent, it’s great to see that they're really engaged. They're trying to figure out how the equipment is working. They're taking it apart and putting it together in their minds and it’s great to see that,” says Project Engineer Tim Iversen.

Thousands of companies throughout the country take part in manufacturing day, offering plant tours and presentation to show off manufacturing technology and future careers.

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