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Top 5 challenges to implementing an IIoT system

By Shawn Wasserman, for

Aug 15, 2016

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A recent study by the Genpact Research Institute explains that a whopping 81 percent of executives think a critical part of their organization’s success is the successful adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Too bad that only a quarter of all executives have a cohesive IIoT strategy. What’s worse, only half are actively looking to develop a strategy, and just under a third think it will take over a year to develop one.

In this report, Genpact tries to make sense of what is holding industry back when adopting the IIoT. To determine this, they interviewed 173 senior executives from manufacturing companies around the world.

So what is stopping the adoption of the IIoT?

  • Risks of data security
  • The technology skill gap
  • Legacy concerns
  • Data quality
  • Privacy

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