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The ABCs of advanced manufacturing systems

By A3 blog

Jan 07, 2016

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Innovation that leads to better products and processes takes place in manufacturing more than in any other sector. Product lifecycles are becoming shorter across industries like automotive where changes might happen within a year and a half and in electronics where product changes can occur within several months.

Advanced manufacturing systems enable companies of all sizes and across industries to more easily customize products, aim for error-free production, and compete on a global scale. From small machine shops to craft breweries in the food and beverage space to aerospace, companies are reaping the benefits of advanced automation. They face the same challenges as other businesses like the rising costs of materials and labor. However, they’ve leveraged the power of automation to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and expand operations.

Would you recognize your company if you stepped away and decisions were made that brought today’s technology into your workplace? Both processes and products are impacted by industrial automation. You might recognize the products and be impressed with the consistent finished quality. What else might you notice, or not notice, as you toured the plant?

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