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So much for Dieselgate: Volkswagen is world's largest automaker in first quarter

By Bertel Schmitt for Forbes

May 31, 2016

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With many journalists assuming that Volkswagen AG’s sales would drown in the wake of Dieselgate, going under along with the company’s sullied reputation, swaths of the world media succumbed to a serious case of confirmation bias. Quite the opposite is true: Volkswagen stands every chance to fulfill its biggest corporation-wide dream: VW might finish the year as the world’s largest automaker.

Toyota as of April finds itself some 90,000 units behind Volkswagen. What looks like Toyota weakness is more the result of a self-prescribed diet to make the company leaner than it already is. Worried of a global downturn, which seems to be underway, Toyota has for many years refused to build more car plants.

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