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Smart, software-defined, autonomous assets gain ground in asset performance management

By Paula Hollywood, for ARC Advisory Group

Aug 10, 2016

A recent ARC survey asked the question: ”In terms of IIoT, at what maturity stage would you rate your company’s asset performance management (APM) program?” Respondents could select one of the following:

  • Conventional: Not smart or connected
  • Instrumented: Connectable, can share data externally
  • Software defined: Embedded intelligence, software tunable, enhanced data feeds
  • Smart: Enhanced intelligence, actively monitored, self-optimized, used in ecosystem
  • Autonomous: Real-time analytics utilized, onboard execution models, performance guarantees

In total, software defined, smart, and autonomous devices – those most suitable for IIoT implementation – accounted for more than a third of total devices. Slightly more than 27 per cent of devices are capable of sharing data externally.

According to respondents, the majority of devices are neither smart nor capable of external connectivity.

Read the full story on the ARC IIoT blog, including further survey results.


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