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By Plant Services

Aug 23, 2016

State of Predictive Maintenance and Reliability 101
Moderator: Thomas Wilk, Editor-in-Chief, Plant Services
Presenter: Phil Beelendorf, CMRP, CRL, Maintenance Technology Senior Manager, Roquette
Sponsor: ATS - Advanced Technology Services, Inc.
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Exclusive for live attendees! Attend the live event and receive the PdM survey results report right after the webinar. Only live attendees will be able to receive the full survey results.

State of Predictive Maintenance
Don’t miss out on the results of the 2015 PdM Survey! Plant Services conducted its annual PdM survey of manufacturing and industrial production professionals in early 2016, asking workers a comprehensive set of questions on the extent to which predictive maintenance tools and techniques are being adopted in their facility as well as how ready their organization is to adopt cloud-based analytic and reporting tools. This webinar, presented by Plant Services Editor-in-Chief Thomas Wilk, will take an in-depth look at the survey and its standout findings.

Reliability 101: Show 'Em the Money With Zero Sum Maintenance Strategies
You’ve bought into the proactive maintenance concept lock, stock, and barrel. But the mountain of cash the leading pundits promised has yet to materialize. If you find yourself  in this situation, maybe you made one simple mistake; you didn’t follow the money. Stop looking for the “better-built” mousetrap. If you want results, stop chasing technology and employee a zero-sum maintenance strategy. Attend this webinar and learn how to use zero-sum maintenance strategies. See how many mice (dollars) you end up catching.

Key takeaways from attending this presentation:

  • Do not chase the latest break-through technology, tried and true reliability principles stand the test of time. Apply what you have already learned, and you will produce results.
  • Time and money are not unlimited resources. Successful reliability professionals learn to use their resources to produce the greatest ROI.
  • Always do the math first. If the payback is not there, move on.
  • Some of the best opportunities do not reduce the maintenance budget; but they are still worth pursuing.

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