Schneider Electric announces Predictive Asset Analytics suite for power-gen

By Schneider Electric news release

Oct 18, 2016

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Schneider Electric ( today announced availability of a new Industry Solution for the Power Generation Industry: Predictive Asset Analytics Suite. With the introduction of this industry solution, built on Avantis PRiSM, utility operators can minimize outage disruptions, improve cross department collaboration and increase operational agility. This Asset Performance Management (APM) solution can drive greater operational efficiency that is safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable while providing a digital framework to transform business value.

Utility providers are always in pursuit of ways to reduce outage frequency or duration to minimize generation costs, optimize load management and improve customer satisfaction. Predictive Asset Analytics Suite for Power Generation provides a closed loop performance management framework for utility providers to let decision makers contextualize real-time performances across their fleet, do causal analysis of any non-conformity, and then create a template of these learnings for future use. As a result, future non-conformity incidents can be dealt faster with minimum turnaround time. This information – which in aggregate becomes proprietary knowledge – can then be used to perform cost benefit analyses to respond “smarter” to future potential outages.

Predictive Asset Analytics Suite for Power Generation is a part of Schneider Electric’s comprehensive Enterprise APM platform. It is designed to bridge skills and process gaps with smart technology, combining advanced predictive analytics with knowledge management and decision support to maximize asset availability. This solution offers a simplified and enriched data analysis and reporting framework, delivered via a single user interface with an integrated flow of intelligence, for a superior user experience. Further, by digitizing operations and decision support knowledge, power generation operators have new opportunities to transform their businesses along with their workforce.

“Power Generation operators must increasingly operate with greater collaboration across departments, driving a need for a single version of the truth across stakeholders and an ability to better manage information across multiple systems, people and processes,” said Doug Warren, Vice President, Industry Solutions at Schneider Electric. “Predictive Asset Analytics Suite enables information sharing by connecting multiple systems with context to ensure process rigors are followed in terms of ownership, which ultimately simplifies collaborative decision making.”