3D Printing / Big Data Analytics / Supply Chain Management / Lean Six Sigma

SAP, UPS work to attract partners to distributed manufacturing initiative

By Natalie Gagliordi, for ZDnet

Sep 20, 2016

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SAP and UPS launched a website today that they hope will attract other companies into a partner program to test new industrial 3D printing methods.

Specifically, SAP is opening up its distributed manufacturing initiative and expanding a previous collaboration with UPS in an effort to broaden the number of co-innovation partners working to test, validate, and improve upon new methods for supply chain production and management.

The collaboration with UPS integrates SAP's platform for supply chain and Internet of Things with the UPS additive manufacturing and logistics network. According to SAP, co-innovation partners will help uncover ways to streamline supply chains and get products to market faster.

"SAP Distributed Manufacturing can enable unprecedented opportunities to revolutionize design, manufacturing, logistics processes and business models," said Hans Thalbauer, SVP of extended supply chain for SAP. "We are bringing together the innovative power of our customers and partners with SAP in this exciting next phase of our initiative to extend our reach and enable our vision for digital manufacturing."

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