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Report: Majority of employers believe automation will create more jobs than it will replace

By Mark Eltringham, for

Dec 05, 2016

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A new report published by Capita Resourcing claims that 85 percent of employers believe workplace automation will create more jobs than it will replace in their organization in 10 years’ time. The main benefits to businesses and employees over this period are likely to be enhanced productivity (76 percent) and new skills development (54 percent).

The Workplace More Human report surveyed the attitudes of 200 business leaders in medium to large organizations and 1,000 full or part time employees. It revealed that the workplace is currently undergoing rapid transformation with over half (54 percent) of employers already automating business processes that were once performed by people. A further 39 percent plan to automate more processes in the next 12 months.

This is prompting a well-documented fear amongst employees that automation will result in widespread redundancies. While 67 percent of employees associate some level of benefit to workplace automation, 72 percent also express concerns such as loss of work (38 percent) and the "de-socialization" of the workplace (27 percent).

However, the research shows that the extent of fear may be misplaced as business leaders believe that 80 percent of staff will either be retrained to work alongside automation, deployed in other areas or experience no change whatsoever.

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