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Read it now: Unleash the Power of Cloud-Based Energy Monitoring in Your Facility

By Plant Services news release

Feb 04, 2016

Energy management expert and Plant Services blogger Bill Holmes has just published a new book titled Unleash the Power of Cloud-Based Energy Monitoring in Your Facility, which captures 37 years of experience installing energy monitoring systems.

The book is aimed at workers who operate, manage, and maintain energy systems in complex facilities, as well as energy professionals and managers looking for a better way and those training for such careers.

Readers will learn step-by-step how to select the points to monitor and the sensors, design and install an energy monitoring system (including remote monitoring), set up the software and reporting, and use it.

The book is available as a complimentary download at www.holmesautopilot.com/resources/energy-monitoring-book

Table of contents:

Section I - Design and Installation
Chapter 1 – The Energy Inventory
Chapter 2 –Selecting Monitoring Points
Chapter 3 – Installing the Monitoring System

Section II - Software & Analytics
Chapter 4 - Software Points
Chapter 5 - Groups
Chapter 6 - Real-Time Screens
Chapter 7 - Historical Reports and Graphs

Section III - Using the System
Chapter 8 - Creating & Documenting Savings
Chapter 9 - Fault Detection, Remote Monitoring, Avoided Costs

Bill Holmes' exclusive blog for Plant Services is available at


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