Powering the Olympics: How GE ensured power protection for the Rio games


Aug 23, 2016

For most of us, the Olympic Games seem like a TV show streaming into our lives. We watch spellbound as athletes push themselves to achieve greatness, never thinking of the massive efforts behind the scenes to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch. If there was an Olympic event for power protection, the medal would be presented to GE. As they have at Olympics past, GE took up the cause and delivered reliable, safe and efficient power and lighting for most of the Olympic Games’ sports venues and critical operations facilities.

According to GE: "To help keep the electric power connected and flowing to all of the Olympic facilities and operations and to provide 24/7 backup power capabilities, GE Energy Connections is providing more than 3,000 of its three-phase and single-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, including the TLE and SG Series, as part of an extensive power protection system. At the center of this vast system is a dedicated power monitoring facility built by GE and staffed by a team of more than 40 GE Energy Connections service experts who will monitor as many as 110 large kilovolt-ampere three-phase UPS systems and most of the 2,954 single-phase UPS units used for Games.

GE has a long history of power protection at the Olympic Games, having supplied UPS systems for all of the Olympic Games since Torino 2006. For the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, GE drew on its experience of these past deployments to design a dedicated power protection monitoring facility, located in the Technology Operations Center in Maracanã, that is connected to each of the three-phase units.

The networked communications between the UPS systems and the monitoring center provides ongoing, real-time status of UPS condition “alarms” (i.e., system performance that might require maintenance) or power “events” (i.e., when the UPS responds to power quality shifts or power failures). This data is constantly analyzed to help ensure each UPS is delivering the power quality and protection required to keep the Olympic Games up and running."

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