Plan your next family road trip around these 21 American factory tours

By Popular Mechanics

Jun 23, 2016

How will you be spending your summer vacation? Swimming at the public pool? Visiting an overpriced amusement part? Why not take a cross-country road trip with the family as you visit some of the great American factories?

According to Popular Mechanics: "There's probably no escaping taking the kids to an amusement park this summer—sweltering in long lines and paying for overpriced junk food. But when that torment is over, take them to a different kind of theme park, one you'll both enjoy: an American factory. You'll see how baseball gloves are made. Or how they print the posters for your favorite concert. Or how a guy at Harley-Davidson takes every bike up to 77 mph on what looks a lot like an automotive treadmill. Sometimes you'll even get candy. And unlike at Six Flags, admission is often free."

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