Leadership Skills

Perspective: Why Donald Trump is wrong about manufacturing jobs and China

By Jeffrey Rothfeder for the New Yorker

Mar 15, 2016

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Not long ago, a video mocking Donald Trump’s obsession with China was posted on YouTube, a mashup splicing together some two hundred and fifty instances in which he has said “China” during his speeches. The context of his remarks on the subject, inexorably, is this: “They’re stealing our jobs; they’re beating us in everything; they’re winning, we’re losing.” These sentiments have struck a chord with many struggling Americans, particularly those in the unemployed and underemployed working class.

The message has resonated so well, in fact, that other presidential candidates have felt compelled to demonstrate a properly high level of indignation toward China’s economic prowess. But despite what the rhetoric would have us believe, global manufacturing is trending in a positive direction for the U.S.

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