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Perspective: The case for moving to predictive maintenance

By Saar Yoskovitz, for Canadian Facility Management & Design

Aug 25, 2016

Chances are, many facility managers have been running on a preventive maintenance (PM) program for years now and they feel generally comfortable with the results. Routine inspections have caught a decent amount of problems before they were critical, such as cracked belts or worn gears, but operations still suffer from downtime due to other, harder-to-see issues.

Facility managers have also likely heard of predictive maintenance (PdM), but the associated costs may have kept them from digging too deep. With recent developments in PdM technology, however, it may be time to reconsider.

Once upon a time, PdM was a technology reserved for only those with the deepest of pockets — to install sensors and monitoring equipment was a timely and expensive endeavor that involved a deep level of commitment. Today, however, predictive maintenance technologies are becoming more mobile and affordable.

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