Changing Workforce / Career Development / STEM Education

Perspective: Closing the gender and skills gap in STEM

By Heidi Hartmann and Chauncy Lennon for U.S. News & World Report

Mar 28, 2016

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Over the next decade, millions of good jobs will be available in expanding sectors such as construction, manufacturing, IT, and transportation. Yet, very few women hold positions in these industries. To make matters worse, as our economy is facing increasing demand for workers for what are sometimes called "newer middle" jobs, we are facing a number of challenges in growing the supply of workers with the right skills for these openings. Better integration of women into these middle-skill jobs can help close the gender gap while increasing the number of workers who can fill these high-demand positions.

Take manufacturing, for instance. While employers are reporting that they cannot find enough workers with the right skills to fill these advanced manufacturing jobs, there are many women working in lower paying manufacturing jobs that have the skills needed to fill some of these roles.

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