3D Printing / IIoT

Perspective: 3D printing reflects the ideal goals of the IIoT

By Sal Spada, for ARC Advisory Group

Jun 01, 2016


As a philosophy, additive manufacturing falls under the Industrie 4.0 umbrella due to its enabling of mass customization with the absence of penalties for geometrical or topological freedom in the design of a part.

However, objects fabricated using additive manufacturing do not always move through production so seamlessly, requiring additional processing steps and slow cycle times. Also, most additive processes cannot reach production-grade surface finishes thereby requiring additional post-production finishing.

The industry has attempted to solve this challenge through introducing hybrid machines, which combine additive and subtractive technologies in the same machine envelope. Hybrid machining mitigates some of the throughput time involved with set-up of the work piece on a subtractive machine. Some companies are solving this challenge through the paradigm of Industrie 4.0.

Read several mini-case studies.


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