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Overcome the 3 key barriers to success with industrial IoT

By John Fryer, for EnterpriseTech

Jun 08, 2016

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) offers exciting possibilities for transforming industrial automation. So why aren’t we seeing more IIoT implementations?

Here are three of the major barriers slowing adoption of IIoT in industrial automation, along with strategies for overcoming them:

1. Conservative culture
A major barrier has to do with the mindset and culture of Operational Technology (OT) organizations, which is quite different from those of IT organizations. Whereas IT is defined by constant change and innovation, OT is change- and risk-averse.

2. Monetization questions
Industrial technology investments are highly ROI-driven. This is especially true in industries where margins are thin and in smaller organizations, where cash may be in short supply. Unless decision-makers can see a clear path to monetizing new technologies in 12 months or less, IIoT investments are generally non-starters.


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3. Cybersecurity concerns
Stability is the first priority for OT personnel. To minimize the risk of security intrusions or interactions that could cause downtime, industrial automation systems are often “walled off” from the rest of the enterprise IT infrastructure. But connectivity and interoperability are the keys to the IIoT, which often involves cloud technologies. How can industrial enterprises tap the benefits of the IIoT while addressing their operational security concerns?

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