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Obama launches U.S. kid science advisors' campaign

By Shakeeb Asrar, for USA Today

May 20, 2016

President Obama on Thursday launched a kids’ science advisory campaign seeking innovative ideas from the nation's young minds.

The campaign, announced at a ceremony awarding national science medals, invites children to submit ideas about what they think can shape the future of science, discovery and exploration in the country. Ideas for the kids advisory campaign can be submitted on the White House website.

“Science is very important for the progress of our nation,” President Obama said during his speech at the ceremony. “Science, math, engineering is what is going to carry America’s spirit of innovation through the 21st century and beyond.”

The idea of a kid-driven science program was introduced to the president by nine-year-old Jacob Leggette, who asked Obama at the White House Science Fair in April if he had any kid advisors. The White House has a Council of Advisors on Science and Technology - but it's run by adults. So while Obama said no to Leggette, he took the idea back to his office.

Read more about the campaign.


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