STEM Education / Changing Workforce

Nominations open for STEP Ahead award for women in manufacturing

By Jennifer McNelly, for IndustryWeek

Sep 09, 2016

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Research shows women are more likely to look for careers that offer personal and intellectual growth. In fact, women ranked opportunities for challenging and interesting assignments as their most important priority. Modern manufacturing offers more demanding and fulfilling roles, along with a range of career pathways and quality opportunities for growth.

Those who work in manufacturing are given the chance to solve the world’s problems, something that not many can say of their job. Manufacturing provides the opportunity to design and build the future, and even improve the quality of life of those around us. However, the industry lacks women to fill the roles manufacturers need. And as a result, the industry is suffering.

For this exact reason, we developed the STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Production) Ahead initiative to encourage women to pursue manufacturing as a career. STEP Ahead was designed to showcase the interesting and rewarding careers that the industry has to offer. It highlights these women on a national stage, celebrating their accomplishments to not only the industry, but to society as well.

Read the full article here, and nominate someone today here.