STEM Education / Leadership Skills

Niagara U. program promotes STEM careers among female students

By Niagara Gazette staff

Aug 03, 2016

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Female students from several local schools received some unique lessons and insights on Tuesday from five area businesswomen and a chemistry professor who are enjoying careers that require them to rely on their skills in science, technology, engineering and math.

Niagara University gave a group of 32 girls who are participating in an ongoing summer STEM camp the opportunity to hear from professionals who were able to share their experiences in various science, math and technology fields.

The list of speakers included Jessica Chapman, director of maintenance services at Calspan; Sonya Pegler, manufacturing manager for Saint-Gobain; and Lisa Montesano, lead environmental engineer for National Grid, which sponsors the university’s trio of STEM camps.

Niagara University’s College of Education, for several years, has sought to provide access to quality STEM education for children – especially girls and low-income youths, who studies show enter the STEM fields at the lowest rates.

This year, NU has offered STEM camps for children ages 5-7, children in grades 3-8, and a Young Women’s Camp for girls in grades 6-9.

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