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Michigan Tech receives $110,000 from GM Foundation for new manufacturing engineering initiative

By Jennifer Donovan, Michigan Tech University

Feb 08, 2016

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In an effort to expand student competencies related to the automotive industry, long-time University supporter, the General Motors Foundation, a long-time supporter of Michigan Technological University, has awarded the University a $110,000 grant through its University/Organization Partner Program.

A significant portion of the GM Foundation grant will establish a new manufacturing engineering initiative. The grant will also provide continuing support for a variety of student activities, including the Advanced Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Advanced Motorsports Enterprises, pre-college STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) outreach, underrepresented student groups and diversity programs.

The manufacturing engineering initiative will focus on student projects to raise awareness among Michigan Tech students that manufacturing engineering is a viable area of study and career path. According to GM, interest in manufacturing engineering among students has been waning, while demand for manufacturing engineers has been increasing.

“General Motors is proud of its long-standing affiliation with Michigan Tech,” said Kurt Wiese, GM’s vice president of global manufacturing engineering. “There is a growing need for talented manufacturing engineers, and this grant will leverage the world-class engineering faculty at Michigan Tech to offer students exposure to manufacturing engineering technologies that will prepare them for the challenges in today's automotive industry.”

The manufacturing engineering initiative will be designed and developed as a cross-disciplinary program. Students will focus on solving today’s manufacturing problems, as well as learning the fundamentals of manufacturing products for many different industries, including automotive. Students will also gain knowledge of the assembly process and machine controls through the development of their own products.

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