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Meridium, U. Tennessee partner to develop next-gen analytics for smart asset performance management

By Meridium news release

Jan 15, 2016

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Meridium this week announced a strategic partnership with the University of Tennessee (UT) to enhance research and development in reliability and maintenance engineering with real world applications.

Meridium and the UT College of Engineering Graduate Program are uniting to create cutting edge key performance indicators (KPIs) for APM and predictive maintenance in order to advance the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

"Meridium is excited to launch this new chapter with the University of Tennessee to equip the next generation of reliability and maintenance engineers with the skills needed to manage big data, reduce risk and develop intelligent asset strategies," said Paul Casto, Vice President of Meridium. "We believe these students will contribute to the future of digital industry with their innovation and advanced skill sets."

Dr. Rupy Sawhney, an associate professor and associate head in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at UT, will be leading the initiative with Meridium to attract top talent to the reliability program and develop KPIs that drive operational reliability and excellence across industries.

"Meridium is a leader in Asset Performance Management solutions and Intelligent Asset Strategy development for asset-intensive industries utilizing predictive analytics, whereas we look at analytics from an educational and research side," said Sawhney. "This is one of those rare opportunities where two organizations complement one another perfectly for mutual benefit."

Looking ahead, Meridium plans to embed its leading software into graduate courses as part of a joint accreditation program for reliability. Meridium also plans to enable its own employees to enroll in the Masters and Reliability program. In addition, Sawhney will join the Meridium Institute Advisory Council and work with Casto in the long term strategic direction of Meridium's global training and development offering.