Energy Management / Leadership Skills

Meet a group of outstanding young manufacturing and energy leaders

By Forbes

Feb 25, 2016

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Manufacturing and energy are entering a new era thanks to big data and other technologies and new approaches to old problems by the youngest of entrepreneurs.

Leandro Leviste, 22, comes to mind when thinking about this year’s 30 Under 30 Asia honorees are adapting new technologies. Between his second and third years studying politics at Yale University, Leviste spotted an opportunity back home in the Philippines, which has some of the highest electricity rates in Asia. He invested his savings to set up Solar Philippines in 2013, one year before he graduated. The following year Bank of the Philippine Islands gave the company its first $1 million loan. Fast forward and Leviste now has 200 employees and his company generated $125 million in revenue last year — he says it expects to hit $750 million this year.

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