IIoT / Network Infrastructure / Big Data Analytics

Massive plant IIoT connectivity requires robust infrastructure

By Joe Scarangella, for IndustryWeek

Aug 19, 2016

IoT applications come in many forms and as such, so do their corresponding network needs. Significant strides in carrier infrastructure will need to be made to address the differing requirements as they relate to the sheer number of devices accessing the network plus their associated bandwidth requirements.

Some M2M communications will require high bandwidth / low latency – like M2M communications in assembly and manufacturing facilities – while devices like field sensors require low bandwidth / high latency to maximize battery life.

The challenge is ensuring that wireless networks are capable of providing the service without interruption or signal degradation. Whether the solution is a distributed antenna system (DAS), small cell wireless, LPWAN, Wi-Fi or a heterogeneous network (HetNet) which combines all of these technologies, the systems architecture must be thoughtfully designed, appropriate for the space and capable of being upgraded to meet future needs.

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