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Machine learning software to transform ship maintenance


Sep 21, 2016

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Researchers from the University of Southampton are to develop software that can monitor the equipment, fuel and energy performance of a ship at sea.

The University is part of the Ship Energy Assessment – Condition Optimisation & Routing Enhancement System (SEA-CORES) consortium, which provides a live model of ship performance on global operations. The development of the software is led by BAE Systems and is sponsored by Innovate UK.

BAE Systems is developing and testing SEA-CORES, which is able to correlate variables that could affect a ship's performance, such as energy consumption and different weather conditions. Using genetic algorithms to track and capture the live data, SEA-CORES provides those on board with a greater understanding of the vessel's capabilities across a wide range of operations.

"For instance, reducing speed may save fuel but increase the wear to the engine if below its optimum performance," said Chris Courtaux, Head of Engineering and Energy Services at BAE Systems. "This could in turn increase the maintenance requirements for these vessels and reduce their availability."

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