Lessons learned from IIoT deployments

By Smart Industry

Jun 28, 2016

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Cisco’s Head of Digital Manufacturing Services RJ Mahadev presents “Lessons Learned from IIoT Deployments” at the Smart Industry 2016 conference this September. Recently, he chatted with Plant Services sister publication Smart Industry about IIoT architectures, deployment complexities and why you should care. Take a look…

Smart Industry: Why do we underestimate the complexity of IoT integration? How does this hurt those looking to adopt the IIoT? 

RJ: In the manufacturing environment we have gotten used to proprietary solutions that are in place for a long time. Complexity and upgrades have been the enemy, however this is changing. Customers of manufacturing companies have gotten used to Internet technologies and are demanding similar efficiencies and flexibility. This requires new solutions to known problems and integrating new applications with legacy equipment. This is new ground, paved with failed pilots and platforms that don’t scale. IoT project-implementers often underestimate the complexity of IoT integration and overestimate the built-in integration capabilities of their IoT platforms. Gartner predicts that through 2018, half the cost of implementing IoT solutions will be spent integrating various IoT components with each other and back-end systems.

For the full interview, visit smartindustry.com.