IIoT / Big Data Analytics / CMMS

Interview: Building the IIoT step by step

By Patricia Panchak, for IndustryWeek

Nov 28, 2016

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With about four months as president and CEO under his belt, Rockwell Automation’s Blake Moret recently presided over the company’s 25th Automation Fair, along with Investor and Media Days, bringing together customers, partners, investors and the media in a celebration of all manufacturing things connected.

Bottom line, the company’s goal is to help companies move step-by-step into digitally connected manufacturing. Noting the various initiatives designed to promote the IoT and other digital connectivity throughout the world—China Manufacturing 2025, Make in India and Industrie 4.0—Moret asserts: “We have a vision of the connected enterprise that’s a practical way to make these concepts reality. They are a way to get started and a way to help companies along their journey."

Such customer desire for variety applies as well to the auto industry, according to Moret. “The investment in our technology, in our people, is really more about model changes than it is about the raw units being sold,” he noted. “For the moment we’ve got good visibility on a healthy pipeline of projects.” He added that the company’s recent reentry into a growing powertrain market offers “a meaningful upside, as well.”

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