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Huawei and GE partner on industrial IoT

By Corinne Reichert, for ZDnet

Aug 03, 2016

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Chinese technology giant Huawei has announced signing a memorandum of understanding with General Electric (GE), which will see them partner on application development for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The development, promotion, and delivery of cloud-based applications and automation solutions as part of the strategic partnership will see the two companies rely on GE's Predix IIoT platform in combination with Huawei's IoT gateways, big data computing platform, network controllers, and connection management platform.

"Industry digitisation will require connectivity among a huge number of devices, Big Data computing, and smart applications," said Huawei's chief strategy marketing officer William Xu. "No single company can address all these challenges on its own."

Both companies said collaboration is the key to achieving the move towards digitization for the industry, particularly given the growth of the industrial internet in Huawei's home market of China.

"The growth of the Industrial Internet in China demands not only capital and development from companies like GE and our partners, but also a commitment to align the private and public sector to build together," added GE Digital CEO Bill Ruh.

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