3D Printing / Supply Chain Management

How Xometry aims to become the "Amazon of manufacturing"

By DCInno

Mar 10, 2016

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CEO Randy Altschuler knows what it takes to build a successful tech business, and when he jumps into a new venture, people pay attention. OfficeTiger, which he co-founded, pulled in $250 million from R.R. Donnelley.

Altschuler's newest venture is called Xometry, and it plays in the customizable, 3D printing-centric, on-demand manufacturing industry.

The company is the developer of a software platform to streamline manufacturing orders and the owner of a high-tech manufacturing facility—capable of CNC machining, and metal binder jetting, among other things.

Past Xometry customers include NASA, Raytheon, P&G, General Electric and Toyota.

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