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Honeywell launches mobile app enabling real-time remote plant performance monitoring

By Honeywell news release

Feb 08, 2016

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Honeywell Process Solutions (www.honeywellprocess.com) today launched a new app providing plant managers immediate notifications as well as real-time plant performance data and analytics direct to their smartphones.

Honeywell Pulse™, part of Honeywell’s Industrial Internet of Things network,is the company’s newest technology enablingplant managers, supervisors and others to stay connected to their enterprise – wherever they are in the world. The app brings relevant metrics and the tools to resolve issues directly to mobile devices, helping to improve efficiency and safety.

“Honeywell’s IIoT is all about data, data analytics, and especially big data analytics,” said Bruce Calder, vice president and chief technology officer for HPS. “The IIoT, cloud and mobility have really supercharged our portfolio. Honeywell Pulse gives managers and supervisors peace of mind by allowing them to receive alerts and monitor performance remotely. This allows plant personnel to respond faster to situations, whether they are planned or unplanned.”

Mobility is part of Honeywell’s initiative to introduce a suite of apps that, along with new cloud functionalities, will help existing solutions deliver better business efficiencies. Honeywell Pulse, HPS’ first app built specifically for mobile devices, connects to different sources and applications across the company’s portfolio to create a more intuitive mobile experience for plant workers. Honeywell Pulse provides:

  • Timely notifications: Customize alerts according to your preference to receive proactive and timely notifications
  • Alerts from multiple data sources: Enable alerts from existing Honeywell DynAMo® Alarm Management software, and OPC-compliant historians, such as Uniformance® Process History Database (PHD)
  • Connectivity tools to drive collaboration: Allow use of threaded conversations to resolve and weighin real time on issues; define alert conditions and subscribe or unsubscribe quickly and easily
  • Inceased situational awareness: Forward, share and receive critical alarms and events to increase situational awareness

Honeywell Pulse video: