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GE Digital launches collaborative app development program to expand digital industrial ecosystem

By GE Digital news release

Nov 14, 2016

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GE today launched a program dedicated to independent software vendors (ISVs) aimed at fostering a vibrant marketplace for Predix applications that will help solve industry challenges. GE’s ecosystem of alliance partners and customers worldwide will enable the company to share its industry expertise, spur the development of industrial solutions and extend the reach and usefulness of Predix.

ISVs are critical partners to help GE Digital expand Predix adoption. GE Digital’s ISV program enables partners to use Predix as the building block for new applications and to enhance various components of industrial operations, such as maintenance, content development and asset management.

ISVs and founding partners to the program include:

  • Box: Through the integration with Predix, developers can now leverage Box's robust collaboration and security features to power content related to IoT workflows including escalation, maintenance, and other procedures in their industrial applications.
  • Decisyon App Composer: Decisyon App Composer’s “drag and drop” app-building environment provides an intuitive, visual experience for the rapid design and deployment of IIoT applications native to Predix without requiring coding. Users can access the full marketplace of Predix microservices and leverage native visualization, analytics, business rules management, in-context collaboration, and data services functionality.
  • Entercoms: Entercoms enables Global OEMs and operators with complex service operations to manage risks, maximize revenue and drive greater control over business outcomes. Its Predix-based solutions optimize forecasting capabilities, customer order cycle time and inventory risk, enabling faster time to revenue.
  • Ericsson: Ericsson delivers verifiable trust in data to the Predix platform. Its advanced Blockchain Data Integrity Assurance micro-service provides fully auditable, compliant and trustworthy data to all Predix developers and users.
  • Mobideo: Mobideo powered by Predix is a full-fledged service operations management platform that enables asset owner-operators to digitize service operations across the entire asset lifecycle. Mobideo delivers a holistic approach to orchestrate digital service operations, governance and performance management.
  • Nurego: Through integration with Predix, Nurego provides Industrial Internet application owners the key pieces required to acquire, retain, and monetize customers for a recurring revenue business.
  • OAG Analytics: Deployed on Predix, OAG Analytics is aiming to transform core oil and gas planning functions using proprietary data science.
  • Pitney Bowes: Pitney Bowes unlocks the value of data for the Industrial Internet with data quality, location intelligence, geospatial and geoenrichment capabilities embedded into applications, and available as a microservice to Predix developers.
  • Splunk: The collaboration between Splunk Enterprise and Predix will enable developers to continuously monitor, analyze and visualize their entire development workflow to improve the agility, collaboration, and customer satisfaction of their applications.