Debate: Is US manufacturing declining?

By Jason Tillberg for Seeking Alpha

Sep 28, 2016

US Manufacturing output, adjusted for our rising population, is at the same level of output in the 2nd quarter of 2016 as it was exactly 16 years ago.

In other words, despite increases in productivity, on a per capita basis, the US output of manufacturing per capita is dead in the water for the past 16 years.

Not everyone sees it this way however.

Here is an excerpt from an article written back in May of 2014 by a Forbes contributor, whom I've read before and like, Tim Worstall:

"One of the economic tales of our times that continually puzzles is me is the amount of effort that's put into first describing and then providing causes for the decline of American manufacturing. The reason this puzzles me is because as far as anyone can tell there hasn't been a decline in American manufacturing. Far from it, output is at all time highs."

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