Big Data Analytics / Control Systems

Data-driven maintenance leads to cost savings, new research indicates


Dec 05, 2016

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Smarter strategies for maintenance in the industry, using data from components, can reduce costs by 20% to 40% and make new forms of business possible, according to new research from Linnaeus University, Chalmers and SICS.

The fact that maintenance is vital for the infrastructure of our society to function has become painfully clear in recent years. The same applies in industry, of course. It's all about planning maintenance and refraining from unnecessary maintenance.

This is where so-called data-driven maintenance comes into play – to create strategies for maintenance that are as optimal as possible by means of information from components, analyzes and simulations. The technology has been around for 20 years but hasn't made a breakthrough yet. This is something the researchers behind the project Future Industrial Services Management, from SICS, Chalmers and Linnaeus University, hope to change.

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