Changing Workforce

Boeing to trim 4,000 jobs amid makeover of commercial unit

By Julie Johnsson, for Bloomberg

Mar 30, 2016

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Boeing plans to cut about 4,000 jobs from its commercial airplanes division by midyear as part of a broader effort to reduce costs amid fierce competition from Airbus Group.

The U.S. planemaker doesn't plan any involuntary layoffs, for now. Rather, the savings will come from 1,600 workers who elected to leave the company under a voluntary program announced last month, Marc Birtel, a Boeing spokesman, said by email. Another 2,400 positions are either vacant or will be shed through attrition.

The company is also looking beyond labor for savings. Boeing is renegotiating supplier contracts, consolidating programs, slashing business travel and working to boost productivity, quality and reduce excess inventory, Birtel said. The number of job cuts could ultimately be effected by the success of those initiatives.

Boeing’s commercial aviation and flight test and lab divisions are based in Washington state. Chicago, home to Boeing’s corporate offices, is expected to be minimally affected, if at all.

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