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Blog: How to execute an IREA to drive effective purchasing

By An Sung Lee, for Turbomachinery International

Sep 13, 2016

In addition to significant maintenance costs,rotating machinery stoppages can prove very expensive in the event of a plant or process shutdown. According to insurance statistics, more than 50% of the malfunctions and failures in newly acquired turbomachinery are attributed to manufacture faults related to design, material or manufacturing.

Two strategies, therefore, may serve to maximize productivity and reduce costs: During operation, execute optimized maintenance technology such as reliability centered maintenance (RCM) based on condition monitoring and diagnosis; and when procuring machinery, engaging in retrofit upgrades, correcting failed or worn-out machines execute an Integrated Reliability Engineering and Audit (IREA) program.

An IREA can be of assistance in preparing specifications, can analyze and review a manufacturer’s process, material selection and management practices. It can also serve to provide acceptance decisions based on mutually agreed acceptance criteria, offer suggestions or recommendations for manufacturing improvements and provide a useful maintenance database.

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