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Automakers, suppliers struggle to find and keep engineering talent

By Stephanie Hernandez McGavin, for Automotive News

Aug 19, 2016

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Brian Griffin is like a lot of people in the auto supply chain looking for engineers these days: He’s searching for new ways to find talent.

The vice president of human resources at Cooper-Standard Automotive, which supplies sealing and anti-vibration systems to automakers around the world, says the industry is unprepared after it downsized at the start of the Great Recession. Now, employers can’t afford to be picky, he said, so Cooper-Standard restructured itself to fill more jobs with young engineers.

Since 2014, auto suppliers’ most-advertised U.S. auto manufacturing job has been computer systems software engineer, according to global job site aggregator The position remained on top while its number of postings rose 84 percent from 2014 to 378 postings on June 31, 2016.

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