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Army reaches $1 billion in energy-saving projects with private sector

By Gary Sheftick, for U.S. Army

Aug 12, 2016

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In less than five years, the Army has engaged in 127 energy-saving projects with the private sector that now exceed $1 billion in investments, announced Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning.

The 127 projects have been undertaken at 52 installations. The $1 billion milestone was surpassed with a contract signed, Aug. 11, by Anniston Army Depot and its utility company.

Under the Anniston contract, Alabama Power is providing $20.8 million to fund new high-efficiency chillers, a new compressed air plant and new heating systems at the installation, along with other initiatives that include high-efficiency lighting, a water conservation project, new ventilation fans and decentralization of the depot's steam system.

"This is a case where public policy has worked well," said Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment.

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