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Analyst: IIoT-capable motors have big potential as network-edge devices

By Mark Meza, for ARC Advisory Group

Aug 05, 2016

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By embedding smart sensors into their AC induction motors that can communicate with IIoT gateways at the network edge (such as AC drives), Siemens, ABB, and other leading industrial motor suppliers are enabling new, more advanced asset management options for these often-critical manufacturing assets. These include supplier's remote condition monitoring and/or predictive maintenance services.

However, even with network-edge devices, strong concerns remain about cybersecurity and ownership of the data generated. Much of the hardware and software architecture needed to assimilate network-edge devices, like AC motors and drives into the IIoT data stream, is lacking.

Users could glean insights into a possible solution for this challenge by following the Factory Automation Platform as a Service (FA PaaS) Testbed initiative that will begin in June 2017 in Japan.

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