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3 ways machine vision improves automated manufacturing

By A3 blog

Mar 03, 2016

Consider jobs where industrial drones are flying several hundred feet above the ground, handling tasks like inspecting bridges. Now think about a flexible robot stationed between two workers and assembling parts or tending machines. Completely different types of automation, right?

Yet, flexible robots can have vision guidance systems that help them adjust to variables in their path just like drones can make changes. Get a better understanding of what vision systems can accomplish.

1. Vision and Safety - Demand is growing for applications in unmanned systems to avoid collisions.

2. Vision and Productivity - Compared to blind robots, vision guided robots eliminate the need for hard tooling and are more suitable for mixed-model processing applications.

3. Vision and Quality - More higher quality products with fewer customer returns results in more profit and credibility in the marketplace for your company.

Read the full article, including several case history examples.


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