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When robots eliminate jobs, will humans will find better things to do?

By Jason Hiner via ZDNet

Aug 05, 2015

The specter of robots taking over many of the world's jobs – from retail to manufacturing to janitorial work to the military – has been hanging over humanity for decades. The threat has expanded recently to include not just robots but also artificial intelligence – algorithms – with solutions like Google's search engine and IBM Watson proving that not only can technology do manual labor better than humans but it can also solve problems better, in some cases.

Preparations should be made to help retrain and place workers whose jobs are being eliminated, especially since some of society's most economically vulnerable people and communities will be hit the hardest by the transition. However, many of the people whose jobs are replaced by machines and algorithms will do what human beings have always done when technology has forced one of these transitions – they find better and more interesting things to do with their time. Some of them will even invent new things and push humanity forward in the process.

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