Changing Workforce / Career Development

What do Millennials, Gen Xers, boomers share? Leadership values

By Rex Huppke, for Chicago Tribune

Nov 17, 2015

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We may not all be as different as we think. Data in a new survey suggest that when it comes to leadership, the various generations have strikingly similar ideas about what's important.

A survey by executive development firm Future Workplace and career networking company found that 83 percent of respondents have seen millennials managing people from the Generation X and baby boomer generations.

The problem is, the survey found 45 percent of baby boomer and Gen X respondents think a lack of management experience among millennials might hurt their company's culture. Close to half of millennials see themselves as "the most capable generation to lead in the workplace," but only 14 percent of all respondents agree. Also, more than one-third of millennial respondents said they find it difficult to manage older generations.

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