Electrical Safety / Industrial Safety

Top 4 benefits of fenceless machine safety solutions

By SICK USA blog

Nov 13, 2015

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Could your machine safety solution be slowing you down? Are hard guards, mechanical fences, and perimeter guarding devices eating up floor space that could be used for more productive processes?

An emerging concept – fenceless machine safety – is introducing machine builders and end users to a new method of safeguarding personnel and process integrity, while providing better access to machinery, facilitating quicker changeovers, and saving valuable floor space.

Fenceless safety relies on a non-contact, opto-electronic presence-sensing device called a safety laser scanner, which monitors hazardous areas of machines by scanning its surroundings in two dimensions using an infrared laser beam. As soon as the safety laser scanner detects an object or person in the protective field, safe machine shutdown is initiated. Warning fields can be used to detect an intrusion before the actual hazardous area, signaling an audible or visual alert, or machine slowdown.

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