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Ten things you need to know about cloud security

By Conner Forrest for TechRepublic

Aug 25, 2015

It seems that every time the cloud is brought up, the conversation to follow is focused on how secure, or not secure, it really is. Here are 10 things you need to know about cloud security.

1. The cloud security market is growing, up to $9 billion by 2019.

2. 43% of companies experienced a data breach last year, up 10% from the year before.

3. A private cloud strategy may initially offer more control over your data and easier compliance to HIPAA standards and PCI, but it is not inherently more or less secure.

4. Cloud and security top IT initiatives in 2015, according to the 2015 Network World State of the Network report.

5. Storage is perceived as the riskiest cloud app.

6. Your employees are your biggest threat: employees caused almost 60% of security incidents last year.

7. Controlling adoption is difficult: in a cloud survey conducted by The Register, 50% of respondents said the biggest challenge in regards to cloud services is getting the chance to assess security before a service is adopted by users.

8. Many organizations don't have security policies (25.5%, according to the Cloud Usage: Risks and Opportunities Report.

9. IoT presents a new risk to cloud security: storage and processing of the data points collected by IoT devices will create more vulnerabilities, and we will likely see cyberattacks targeting the IoT.

10. The right tools aren't always used: in the same cloud survey conducted by The Register, only 34% said they were using cloud firewalls or encrypting data at rest, and the numbers continued to drop in regards to other preventative measures.

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